Hello again. I'm posting to apologize for the delay in updating of our site. We are still learning how to navigate this site. We haven't fallen into the ethers just yet...there is still much to be done, much to share, and many adventures to be experienced. APAN is a new and growing organization. We want to provide you with the best support possible and do all we can to help. We appreciate your patience as we continue to build our networking and grow as a positive organization

With that being said, we would like you to share your thoughts about what you would like to see on this website and the APAN Facebook group. What do you feel would be most helpful to you and/or your loved ones?

With my first experience, I only knew the terms ESP and ghosts. Those were all I had to go on, to search for topics that even remotely addressed my questions. Little did I know just how much other "stuff" was out there: out of body experience/astral travel, premonition, spirit communication, empathic abilities, healing/energy work, astrology, divination, spirit guides, psychometry, and the list goes on and on and on. 

Even though there are many forerunners in the field of spirituality, metaphysics, etc. (some who choose to call it "New Age," though much of the knowledge is far from new) this is still, in a sense, the new frontier, new adventures awaiting the explorers. We are those explorers. We don't have all the answers, and should not expect to have them all. None of the explorers we learned about in history class had all the answers either, but we wouldn't have learned that Earth is round had it not been for them having the courage and willingness to explore, along with the support they provided each other to keep moving through all their experiences, good and bad. That's what APAN can do for others. Together we can provide support as we go through this adventurous life. Some of these experiences can be scary, but you are not alone. Having a support group allows us to share our experiences, share our knowledge in dealing with similar experiences, and get past the fear.

Many of you may feel like you're in the alone in the dark, but you are not. We are lighting a candle, reaching out to help those of you who have felt like there was no where to turn for help, no one who understood what you may be experiencing. We are also reaching out to others who do understand, who are teachers, practitioners, or have simply learned how to deal with their experiences.

Let us know if you are interested in joining our closed group on Facebook. It's a safe place we can share our stories, thoughts, and strategies in exploring our experiences with what some call the super-natural.

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    We have co-created this organization in hopes of helping others who are trying to better understand who they are, understand their experiences, and to live life to the fullest.


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