There are three of us who will be posting to this blog: Tina, Donna and Kimber. 

I am Kimber and very pleased to be sharing with all of you.!

A little about me and why APAN is my passion:
My experiences started when I was 13. First experience, long story short, I had a sudden and profound "knowing" that my great grandma was going to pass one day. I could not explain to them how I knew something like that, but I KNEW with every fiber of my being.
After crying, begging and pleading with my parents to let me see her, they dismissed my "knowing" and sent me to on to school. Just as I told them, she passed around noon that day.

Looking at it from an adult perspective: what a profound impact that would have on any child, to know something that strongly and no one believe, much less understand them! That was a major turning point in my life. It was the experience that set me on my search for understanding and the need to connect with others who understood or at least had similar experiences. Therefore, it has become my mission to do my best to make sure no child, or any one (for that matter), ever feels they are alone and do not have someone to help them understand experiences like that!

There have been times where I've gotten caught up in life and put my search on hold. However, when my oldest son came to me explaining his first experience, I knew it was time to "wake up" and get back on track. Since then, life has become an amazing adventure. I am excited to be living my life's passion, my purpose and sharing it with all of you. Thank you!


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    We have co-created this organization in hopes of helping others who are trying to better understand who they are, understand their experiences, and to live life to the fullest.


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